The objective of this highly intensive fashion program is for students to produce a portfolio of work which can be used to apply for an undergraduate, postgraduate fashion program, or for employment or personal development. You will be given advice about future studies and follow projects in order to create a portfolio.

For students: Who wants to apply art and design major in university, college or high school.
Class hours: Based on student’s own schedule.
Class size: ONE student per class.

Learning Objective:
Develop student’s creative ideas, Guide students to imagine and design, Improve student’s artistic accomplishment and drawing skills. Guide students to select their best works for the portfolio to be able compete with others, and help students to apply the university or art schools.

What is portfolio?

Portfolio is a collection of the best works of students. It present the ideas, skills, styles, creativity of students. The application of art university of North American and Europe usually based on both art professional portfolio and school transcripts. The portfolio present the total art skills of the student, it is the core of the application. The examiner will evaluate student’s professional skills and artistic potential  by the portfolio. In Q-Learning, our teacher will guide and assist you prepare the perfect portfolio to help you get into your dream university or art schools.

The development of portfolio

The ability of human creativity is unlimited. Not everyone realized the potential abilities of themselves, or self-denial themselves blindly. Our teachers will guide you to a brand new world that increase your self-confidence and inspire your inner potential. You will experience the happiness of creativity and design to create your own style works. In Q-Learning, our teachers will help every students to get their best results for their application and get into their dream universities. The instructor based on the student’s own interest of art major to prepare the unique lessons for the student.  Our one to one tuition lessons gives students more opportunities to learn, practice, and prepare the the best portfolio and presentations for the application.

Type of portfolio lessons:

Fashion Design: View more


Graphic Design

Industrial Design


Ms. Nova Chiu: Graduated from University of the Arts London – London College of Fashion,Nova Chiu Ltd.’s Fashion Designer.

Ms. SwanAdvanced Graphic Designer Certificate, Multimedia Developer, Multimedia Lecturer, Animator.

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