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Mathematics Teacher - Mr. Li

  • 13 years of teaching experience in Chinese institutions of higher education
  • Solid knowledge of mathematics, physics and solid mechanics, he has experience in training and training in large domestic companies and Canadian companies. It is possible to adjust the progress of the lecture according to the specific teaching objects. It is good at integrating the old and new, difficult and easy to inspire teaching methods, actively interacting with students, and is good at adjusting the classroom atmosphere to achieve educational and entertaining
  • On the student’s training goal, focus on analyzing the problem, focusing on the process analysis and the establishment of detailed steps, emphasizing the students’ understanding of the basic definition and the theorem of the theorem, so that the students have a clear solution to the problem and achieve the goal of doing more with less
  • Can use bilingual teaching in Chinese and English.

Professional Qualifications:

Higher Education Teacher Certification of the People’s Republic of China

Education Background:

1992-1994 Master of Mechanical Engineering, Tsinghua University
1980-1984 Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, Xi’an Jiaotong University

Working Experience:

2015-present Q-Learning Mathematics teacher, physics teacher
2002-2015 International School Distance Education Mathematics, Physics Teacher
1997-2002 Jiangsu Jetta Motorcycle Group Co., Ltd. Dean, Branch Manager
1984-1997 Lecturer and Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, North China Institute of Technology (North University of China)

Job Performance and Awards:

Chinese Science rewards

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