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Mathematics Teacher - Ms. Ping Li

  • 20 years of teaching experience in Chinese and Canadian schools; he has been a math teacher for graduating classes for six consecutive years
  • Qualification of primary school mathematics Olympic coach and many years of experience in the Olympic mathematics competition
  • Dedicated to work, strict requirements for students, full of love
  • Strong logical thinking and language expression ability, and the teaching courseware is fully prepared and lively and interesting. Good at teaching students with a variety of solutions
  • Fluent in English and Mandarin, able to teach bilingual English and Chinese
  • The teaching method is unique and has trained many teachers
  • Wide range of hobbies, like singing, dancing, reading, piano, chess and so on

Professional Qualifications:

People’s Republic of China Teacher Certification
Primary school senior teacher qualification certificate
Primary school mathematics Olympic coach certificate
Chinese Language Proficiency Test Certificate
Canadian English major

Education Background:

2010-2011 Montreal Stratford Vocational College Early Childhood Education
2002-2004 University of Quebec, Canada English major
1994-1997 Shanghai Normal University, Higher Education, Science Education
1988-1991 Shanghai Sixth Normal School Education

Working Experience:

2011-present Q-Learning Olympus Teacher
2001-2011 International School Distance Education Mathematics Teacher
1991-2001 Jiangyang Primary School, Zhabei District, Shanghai Mathematics Teacher

Job Performance and Awards:

Continually won best teacher of year in 6 years in China. 

Her students win many mathematics contest.

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