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Mathematics Teacher - Ms. Sha

  • 7 years of teaching experience in China’s junior high school training institutions
  • 4 years to Grade 11 to Grade 11 work experience in Canada

Professional Qualifications:

Higher Education Teacher Certification of the People’s Republic of China
Chinese Language Proficiency Test Certificate

Education Background:

2013-2016 Liaoning Normal University Basic Mathematics Master’s Degree
2009-2013 Liaoning Normal University Bachelor of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

Working experience:

2018-present, Q-Learning, math teacher
2018-present Wing’s Food Company Accounting, Receivable Expert
2017-2018 Toronto Chinese School in Toronto Mathematics Teacher
1916-2017 Huaxia Chinese School Mathematics Teacher

Job performance and awards:

2010 Third Prize of the Second National College Student Mathematics Competition;
Third prize of the third National College Student Mathematics Competition in 2011.

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