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Mathematics Teacher - Ms. Song

  • 12 years of experience in mathematics at Changchun Middle School, China
  • Ability to use Chinese English bilingual teaching

Professional Qualifications:

Higher Education Teacher Certification of the People’s Republic of China
Fluent in spoken and written English

Education Background:

1990-1994 Changchun University of Technology Bachelor of Industrial Automation
1998-2001 Changchun Institute of Education, Bachelor of Mathematics

Working Experience:

2018 to present, Windsor Education, Mathematics Teacher
2018-present York Education Bureau Chinese teacher
2013-2016 Xinmeng Chinese School Mathematics teacher, Chinese teacher
2008-present Q-Learning Mathematics Teacher
1994-2006 Changchun Jiuzhong Middle School Mathematics Teacher

Job Performance and Awards:

Awarded Excellent Private School Teacher in Canada;

The students taught achieved the top three results in the Canadian Mathematical Competition.

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