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Art Classes

French Classes

Piano Classes


Chess Classes

Chinese Classes



Summer Camp


Math - Ms. Ansari
Math – Ms. Ansari

English - Mr.Khan
English – Mr.Khan

English/French/Science - Dayam
English/French/Science – Dayam

Piano - Mr. Kim
Piano – Mr. Kim

Art - Mr. Wisam
Art – Mr. Wisam

Chess - Mr. Goran Prpic
Chess – Mr. Goran Prpic

Robotic - Mr. Hino
Robotic – Mr. Hino

English - Mr. Alastair
English – Mr. Alastair

Robotic - Mr. Ragi
Robotic – Mr. Ragi

Math - Mr. David
Math – Mr. David

Chinese - Ms. Shen
Chinese – Ms. Shen

Piano - Ms. Liu
Piano – Ms. Liu

Math - Ms. Li
Math – Ms. Li

Piano - Ms. Christiana
Piano – Ms. Christiana

Art - Mr. Yu
Art – Mr. Yu

English - Ms. Rosie
English – Ms. Rosie

Chinese - Ms. Zhao
Chinese – Ms. Zhao

English - Mr. John
English – Mr. John

French - Mr. Denis
French – Mr. Denis

English - Ms. Mayer
English – Ms. Mayer

English - Mr. Hull
English – Mr. Hull

Math - Mr. Li
Math – Mr. Li

Math - Ms. Sha
Math – Ms. Sha

Chinese - Ms. Zhou
Chinese – Ms. Zhou

Chinese - Ms. Zhou
Chinese – Ms. Zhou

Art - Ms. Wong
Art – Ms. Wong

Piano - Ms. Mark
Piano – Ms. Mark

Chinese - Ms. Song
Chinese – Ms. Song

Chinese - Ms. Wang
Chinese – Ms. Wang

Art - Ms.  Leung
Art – Ms. Leung

Math - Ms. Song
Math – Ms. Song

Art - Ms. Yang
Art – Ms. Yang

Digital Arts - Ms. Swan
Digital Arts – Ms. Swan

Chemistry - Ms. Guan
Chemistry – Ms. Guan

Chinese - Ms. Liu
Chinese – Ms. Liu

Chinese - Mr. Zhang
Chinese – Mr. Zhang

Art - Ms. Li
Art – Ms. Li

Math - Mr. Han
Math – Mr. Han

Art -  Ms. Wang
Art – Ms. Wang

Science - Mr. Koh
Science – Mr. Koh

Chinese - Ms. Lin
Chinese – Ms. Lin

Chinese - Ms. Liu
Chinese – Ms. Liu

Chinese - Ms.Liu
Chinese – Ms.Liu

French - Dr.Bojmehrani
French – Dr.Bojmehrani

French - Dr. Vaghei
French – Dr. Vaghei


2023-2024 School Year Classes Registration Guide

  1. Teaching Method

The school has both physical and online classes for the new school year.

Limit to 8 students in each class for online learning and 15 students in each class for in-person learning. Parents can select, either way, schedules are different while the tuition fees are the same.

  1. School Year Calendar (Summer Program +Fall Semester +Spring Semester)

July 4, 2023 (Tuesday) to August 28, 2023 (Monday) is Summer Program, 8 weeks in all, 1.5 hours/ per week

September 9, 2023 (Saturday), to January 26, 2024 (Friday) is the Fall Semester, 17 weeks in all, 1.5 hours /pre-week;

February 3, 2024 (Saturday), to June 28, 2024 (Friday) is the Spring Semester,17 weeks. 1.5 hours/pre-week;

The whole school year (8 weeks in summer + 17 weeks in Fall + 17 weeks in Spring) is 42 weeks and 63 hours in total (except for special courses)

  1. Subjects Offered

Olympic Math, Chinese, Art, Pinyin & Typing, English Writing, English Public Speaking, Debate, DECA Competition;

Math, Physics, Chemistry, Chess Competition, French Writing, French Speaking, AP Math, AP Physics, AP Chemistry, IB Math, IB Physics, IB Chemistry;

Piano, IELTS, SSAT, HSK Test, Computer Programming, Robotics, SAT, ESL, One-On-One lessons, and all credit courses.

  4. Incentive Policy

  • Additional discount of $100 is offered if a family registers for 5 courses for the whole school year; an extra discount of $60 is offered if a single student registers for 3 courses or more for the whole school year. However, if a family registers for 5 courses or a single student registers for 3 courses but only pays by semester, they’ll get an additional discount of $20.
  • An additional discount is offered if Q-Learning’s student introduces a new student, the referrer and the referee will each get a reward of $30.
  • Students of Leslie Academy will be deducted $350 if enrolled in tutoring subjects at Q-Learning Institute.
  • F) Log in to the job searching website of Qijia Group Inc. getjobs.ca will be rewarded $1-$100. For details, please refer to the reward policy on the website.
  1. Fee Structure and Promotion (As of April 3rd t, discounts end by May 15th,2023

  6. School Year Holidays

  •  Labor Day-SEP04, Holidays: AUG31-SEP10;
  • Thanks Giving-OCT09, Holidays: OCT7-OCT13;
  • Christmas and New Year, Holidays: DEC23-JAN01;
  • Chinese New Year, Holidays: FEB10-FEB16;
  • Family Day-FEB19, Holidays: FEB17-FEB23;
  •  March Break, Holidays: MAR11-MAR17;
  • Easter-MAR31, Holidays: MAR30-APR05;
  • Victoria Day-MAY20, Holidays: MAY18-MAY24.

   7. Payment Method

  •   Pay cash at the office. In addition to the above-mentioned promotion and discounts, an additional 1% cash back will be fulfilled immediately If paying cash more than $1,000.
  • E-TRANSFER. There are no additional rewards. EMT email: [email protected](Password Required) or [email protected] (No Password Required).
  1. Registration Hotline

Tel: 416-332-2088 (Q-Learning Institute)

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.qlsy.ca 

Office Hour: Mon to Fri 8:00am–6:30pm; Sat 9:00am–4:30pm


Online courses are based on demand and the number of applicants. Courses with less than 8 students cannot begin, and courses with less than 4 students will now have a 1-hour class time instead of 1.5 hours. For those who have already taken our courses, grades will be changed automatically to reflect the new class time. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.   416-332-2088

Main Campus:

201 – 1550 South Gateway Rd, Mississauga, ON L4W

[email protected]

North York Campus:

106 – 250 Consumers Rd, North York, ON M2J 4V6


[email protected]

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