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2022-2023 School Year Classes Registration Guide

(please refer to the following highlighted part for discount update) 

1. Teaching Method

Adopt both online teaching and on site teaching methods for the new school year.

Limit to 8 students each class for online learning, and limit to 15 students each class for on site learning. Parents can select either way, schedules are different while the tuition fees are same.

2. School Year Calendar

July 4, 2022 (Monday) to August 28, 2022 (Sunday) is Summer Program, 8 weeks in all, 1.5 hours each week;

September 10, 2022 (Saturday) to January 29, 2023 (Sunday) is the Fall Semester,17 weeks in all, 1.5 hours each week;

February 04, 2023 (Saturday) to June 30, 2023 (Friday) is the Spring Semester,17 weeks in all . 1.5 hours each week;

42 weeks, 63 hours in total for the whole school year.

3. Subjects Offered

Olympic Math, Mandarin, Art, Pinyin & Typing, English Writing, English Public Speaking, Debate, DECA Competition;

Math, Physics, Chemistry, Chess Competition, French Writing, French Speaking, AP Math, AP Physics, AP Chemistry, IB math, IB Physics, IB Chemistry;

Piano, IELTS, SSAT, HSK Test, Computer Programming, Robotics, SAT, ESL, One-on-One lessons, and all credit courses.

4. Fee Structure and Promotion (As of April 1st, discounts end by May 15th)

A) All courses of Mr. Hull, Olympic Math for Grades 1-7 of Ping Li, all courses for Grades 9-12 and Robotics program, are discounted from $1,260 per school year to $1,100. Summer Program is discounted from $240 to $230, $500 for Fall/Spring semester if paid by semester.

B) Pinyin & Typing (including word and pinyin basics) ,only delivers for summer program, 12 hours/session, discounted from  $240 to $230. Students having Mandarin class in our institute can get discounts from $240 to $130.

C) Mandarin class, 2.5 hours each week, 85 hours in a school year, is discounted from $1,680 to $1,280.

D) 1-3 level of HSK test class, 17 hours/sessions, is discounted from $425 to $400; 4-6 level of HSK test class, 25.5 hours/sessions, is discounted from $650 to $600.

E) Computer Programming,16 hours/sessions, one extra hour would be given for free for issuing the certificates and awards, is discounted from $425 to $400.

F) IELTS Intensive Exam Prep Course, 40 hours/session, full price is $1,200, offering an additional discount of $50; IELTS Essential Course, 60 hours/session, full price is $1,500, offering an additional discount of $50; ESL 40 hours/level, 2 hours each week, is discounted from $1,100 to $1,000.

G) SAT, 60-110 hours, $1,800-$3,800.

H) Except for items A-G, the fees for the rest of the subjects will be discounted from $1,260 to $1,060 for whole school year, regardless of the level; Summer Program is discounted from $240 to $220, $480 for Fall/Spring semester if paid by semester.

I) Additional discount of $100 is offered if a family registers for 5 courses for the whole school year; an extra discount of $60 is offered if a single student registers for 3 courses or more for the whole school year. If a family registers for 5 courses or a single student registers for 3 courses, they’ll get additional discount of $20 if they pay only by semester.

J) Mandarin textbooks are developed by Q-Learning Institute. Textbook fee is $40 per school year. There is no additional material fee for other subjects.

5. Incentive Policy

A) Existing parents/Qijia Group staff will get $30 reward by introducing a new student; Existing students will get $60 reward by introducing a new student.

B) Children of Parent Committee members will get $30 per subject per school year besides regular discounts. (One subject should be registered for two semesters.)

C) Front-line employers of Giving Smile Job Agency who have worked for more than 3 months, will enjoy same discounts as Parent Committee members.

D) Children from single parent families will enjoy same discounts as Parent Committee members. ( Written proof is required. )

E) Students of Leslie Academy will be rewarded $150 if enrolled same tutoring subject in Q-Learning Institute.

F) Log in to job searching website of Qijia Group Inc. www.getjobs.ca will be rewarded $1-$100. For details, please refer to the reward policy on the website.

G) Students in Q-Learning Institute shall get $10 reward by inviting every 10 new job seekers to register on www.getjobs.ca.

H) Share this registration information on WeChat moments, get 30 reward points by collecting 10 likes; get 50 points by collecting 15 likes; get 100 points by collecting 20+ likes. The reward points can be redeemed to deduct registration fees. Please consult institute staff about the reward policy.

I) All the above promotions and discounts can be combined.


6. Special Notice

A) Student assessment system will be resumed. Grand annual commendation ceremony will be held at the end of the school year in recognition of outstanding students, outstanding parents and outstanding instructors.

B) As of July 1st, Q-Learning Institute will organize students’ birthday celebrations. The list of those who will have their birthdays next month will be released at the end of the current month. If students are willing to celebrate together, Student Service Department of Qijia Group Inc.will organize the event and invite students, parents and instructors, and prepare birthday gifts. Otherwise, Q-Learning Institute will mail birthday gift to the student.

C) Q-Learning Institute will continuously recruit teachers of Olympic Math, Secondary School Math, Art, English speaking/writing, French, IELTS, etc. for the team reinforcement, and meet needs of online and on site teaching and learning simultaneously. Parents will be rewarded $30-$50 if referring instructors who are eventually hired by our institute.

D) Q-Learning Institute will organize free ‘Demo Class’ regularly, and all parents/students are welcome to attend and provide feedback. Attend and listen to the whole lecture, get 10 reward points; inviting new parent/student to attend, both referrer and referee will get 10 reward points, reward points can be accumulated and redeemed to deduct registration fees. Please consult institute staff about the reward policy.

7. School Year Holidays

A) Labor Day-SEP05, Holidays: AUG29-SEP09;

B) Thanks Giving-OCT10, Holidays: OCT08-OCT14;

C) Christmas and New Year, Holidays: DEC19-JAN01;

D) Chinese New Year, Holidays: JAN21-JAN27;

E) Family Day-FEB20, Holidays: FEB18-FEB24;

F) March Break, Holidays: MAR13-MAR19;

G) Easter-APR10, Holidays: APR07-APR13;

H) Victoria Day-MAY22, Holidays: MAY20-MAY26.

8. Payment Method

    A) Pay cash at the office. In addition to the above-mentioned promotion and rewards, an additional 1% cash back will be fulfilled immediately If pay cash for more than $1,000.

B) E-TRANSFER. There is no additional rewards. EMT email: [email protected]( Password Required) or [email protected] (No Password Required).

9. Registration Hotline

Tel: 905-282-9889 (English); 416-332-2088 (Mandarin)

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.qlsy.ca ; www.leslieacademy.com; www.qijiagroup.ca ; www.jiajiale.ca

Office Hour: Mon to Fri 8:00am–6:30pm; Sat 9:00am–4:30pm


Timetable for In-Person Courses:


Timetable for Online Courses:


Main Campus:

201 – 1550 South Gateway Rd, Mississauga, ON L4W

[email protected]

North York Campus:

106 – 250 Consumers Rd, North York, ON M2J 4V6


[email protected]

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