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“Welcome to Q-Learning!”  From the Principal, Xiangguo Li

When I am asked to describe Q-Learning, the words that come to mind are: welcoming, inspiring, nurturing, supportive, community, and yes, challenging academics. The various school locations throughout the great Toronto area are so much more than a place where your child goes to school, it is an active hub for learning and development.

As a school that spans from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12, we witness, and influence, tremendous growth in our students, and we feel privileged to guide them through this journey. Our dedicated teachers construct creative and innovative programs so that every individual child’s needs, potential, interests, and talents are nurtured and developed.

Our methodology focuses on the individual experience of each student using innovative technologies to support our teachers and their efforts to engage students in meaningful ways. Our children are taught to connect what they learn in the classroom to the world beyond; preparing them for life outside our halls.

At Q-Learning, traditional classrooms that use one-way instructional teaching and learning techniques have been transformed into creative hubs that ignite critical thinking and collaborative learning. Our active learning classrooms and resources enable students and teachers to work in partnership by connecting existing knowledge to new ideas. Here, we teach young people how to learn. We teach them that focused effort and hard work are followed by the reward of discovery and accomplishment; instilling a lifelong passion for learning.

Q-Learning is proud to be an accredited CEMC (The CENTRE for EDUCATION in MATHEMATICS and COMPUTING) contest centre and MATHEMATICA CENTRUM. The CEMC has become Canada’s largest and most recognized outreach organization for promoting and creating activities and materials in mathematics and computer science. The CEMC is housed within the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Waterloo. It was founded in 1995 with origins dating back to the 1960s. The mission of CEMC is to increase interest, enjoyment, confidence, and ability in mathematics and computer science among learners and educators in Canada and internationally.

It is likely that you have given a great deal of thought to the qualities you are looking for in a school.  As you explore our website, you will get a glimpse into our school and our program offerings; however, the best way to learn about our unique and engaging environment is to experience it. I encourage you to visit us and see first-hand how Q-Learning is much more than a school. It is a community where children and young adults thrive and where confidence, curiosity and passion ignite.

Xiangguo Li
Q-Learning Institution





Working together as a family of individuals in a school community that creates a caring and safe environment within which every student can flourish and succeed.


Promoting honesty, compassion, respect and responsibility by developing “a mind aware of what is right”.


Fostering a culture within which students approach all situations with confidence and are brave and articulate in defending their beliefs.

Academic Excellence

Providing a challenging and rigorous curriculum, which prepares students to achieve success.


Utilizing new approaches through inquiry and participatory technology that inspires students to ask questions, research, and think critically to find solutions for an evolving world.

Global Awareness

Stimulating curiosity about the world by creating a climate where students respect, understand and appreciate universal human values, cultural differences and world issues.



Our teachers are highly-qualified, multi-talented and dedicated educators who play an integral role in fostering our vibrant learning community. Chosen not only for the high caliber of their teaching credentials, our teachers possess personal and professional qualities that contribute to the level of excellence and dynamic energy of the education we offer at Q-Learning. The strong relationships that are so often forged between Q-Learning students and teachers are a source of pride for us, and evidence of the high quality of our faculty.

Our holistic measure of involvement is demonstrated through our teachers’ specialist skills often applied to both the Lower and Upper School levels. Their unwavering commitment engenders the ethos of community and positive caring which we continually strive to create at Q-Learning.

Q-Learning provides enhanced professional development opportunities to our teachers and recognizes and celebrates their many achievements. Although our students continually produce high academic results, we are not complacent and continually strive to maintain the highest level of teaching excellence. These opportunities unite our teaching community through their passion for teaching and learning.

Our goal is to foster a deeper level of thinking and encourage the development of each individual student. Our approach in learning goes far beyond just giving and receiving knowledge. We encourage our students to challenge theories, concepts and facts and to develop individual strategies of inquiry and communication.

At every grade level, we compel students to express themselves with thoughtful intent, to be inclusive, to foster and encourage a global outlook, and to promote social responsibility. We strive to enhance, strengthen and enrich each students’ educational experience and to help them reach their full potential with integrity and character.

We strive to enrich our students’ lives, but we also understand the importance of parent, teacher and community collaboration. We encourage open communication and parental involvement throughout a child’s educational journey.

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