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Summer 2021-Tutoring&Credit Courses Outline

Summer Semester: Jun 19, 2021 - Aug 27, 2021 (Total 9 classes)

Dear parents,

Summer tutoring and credit courses have started on Jun 19, 2021! For some classes, we are still recruiting for new students! Contact us now 905-282-9889 or [email protected]~

Details are as follows.

1. Teaching Method
Due to the pandemic, online classes are still being used as the main teaching method.

2. Subjects Offered
i) Credit courses: please refer to website https://www.leslieacademy.com
ii) The courses currently offered will start as usual. There will be two new classes in the subject of Chinese Pinyin.

3. Fee Structure before April 25
i) Credit Courses: $2250 for each credit. $300 off for one credit taken, $700 off for two credits taken, and referrer enjoys a $200 reward.
ii) Tutoring Courses: $270 for a single subject (including material fees and taxes), now discounted to $200, and there is an additional $80 off when a total of more than              4 subjects are registered in a family
iii) Chinese Pinyin Course: Full price is $290 for 9 weeks, including $20 for textbook and material. Complimentary for students enroll in the Chinese courses for fall                         2021. $200 for all other students.

4. Fee Structure between April 25 and June 18
i) Credit Courses: $2250 per credit remains unchanged, $300 off for each credit regardless of total number of credits taken, and the referrer enjoys a reward of $300.
ii) Tutoring Courses: the full price of a single subject remains unchanged at $270, all discounted to $240, and receives an additional $20 points. The referrer can get a                  $50 reward if a referee enrolls in a course. Employees who are currently employed or have been employed by Qijia Group are eligible to receive up to $80 in reward              when a referee enrolls in a course.
iii) Promotion ends after June 18.

5. Course Schedule and Proposed Holidays
The last date of this term is June 18th, 2021 (Friday). Summer term starts on June 19th (Saturday) and ends on August 27th (Friday), for a total of 9 weeks. Summer courses will start right after the end of this term, and there is no break between the two. One week of proposed holiday is from June 28th to July 4th, school will be closed during this period.

6. Summer Course Subjects and Classes
The summer classes remain the same as they are now, that is, students will remain in their current classes during summer, and won’t be affected by the grades the students entering in September. The content of the lecture is arranged by the teacher to adapt to the students’ level. There will be review, preview, expansion, etc., which plays a role in connecting the previous term to the next. There are a maximum of 8 students in a class, and a class will be offered with at least 3 students. The length of the class will be changed from 1.5 hours to 1 hour if there are less than 3 students enrolled in the class.

7. Payment Method
The main campus in Mississauga is open from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm from Monday to Saturday. Other campus and office are all closed. Cash payment (1% discount) at the main campus or email transfer to [email protected].
Black Friday points can be used for registration.

8. Please find class schedule in attachment.

Q-Learning Institute
416-332-2088 /905-282-9889    

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