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2022 Winter Term Classes Registration Guide

Spring Semester: February 05, 2022 (Saturday) to June 30, 2022 (Thursday)
17 weeks in winter semester

1. Teaching Method

As per the expectation of most of the parents, as well the guidance we received from the Ministry of Education, Q-Learning Institute will continue to provide online synchronous courses. 


2. School Year Calendar

February 05, 2022 (Saturday) to June 30, 2022 (Thursday) is the spring semester. 17 weeks in each semester, and 34 weeks in total for the whole academic year.

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNTS: Register before January 15, 2022, all courses of Mr. Hull and Ms. Ping Li are $480, all courses of the other instructors for Grade 10 and under are $450, and all courses of the other instructors for Grade 11-12 are $480.


3. Subjects Offered

Olympic Math, Chinese, Art, Pinyin & Typing, English Writing, English Public Speaking, Debate, DECA Competition;

Math, Physics, Chemistry, Chess Competition, French Writing, French Speaking, AP Math, AP Physics, AP Chemistry, IB math, IB Physics, IB Chemistry;

Piano, IELTS, SSAT, HSK Test, Computer Programming, SAT, ESL and all credit courses.


4. Fee Structure and Promotion (This applies to students who register for winter session and summer session all at once, effective until Jun 20, 2022)

A) All courses of Mr. Hull, Olympic Math for Grades 1-7 of Ping Li, and all courses for Grades 9-12 are discounted from $780 to $650;

B) Chinese course is 85 hours for one academic year. Winter session lectures $840 + summer session PINYIN practice classes $270 = full price $1,110, and the promotional price is $900; Textbook fee is an extra $40.

5. Incentive Policy

A) Each family will get $20 reward if 3 families (no matter new or existing students) pay together;

B) Log in to the job searching website of Qijia Group, www.jiajiale.ca , and you will get a reward of $1-$100. For details, please refer to the reward policy and cash withdrawal instruction on the website;

C) Share this registration information on Wechat, get 30 points by collecting 10 likes. Get 50 points by collecting 15 likes. Get 100 points by collecting 20+ likes. The points will be used to deduct registration fees;

D) Get $10 reward for every 10 student volunteers registered on www.jiajiale.ca ;

E) During the promotional period, existing students will get $30-$50 reward by introducing new students. Both existing students and new students will get $30-$50 reward after the promotional period;

F) Students enroll in our private high school will be rewarded $150 for credit courses. In the mean time, they are also eligible for all above promotions.


6. Special Notice

A) The student assessment system will be restored in the new school year. The annual honoring ceremony will be held at the end of the school year to recognize outstanding students, outstanding parents, and outstanding instructors;

B) Starting from September 1, Q-Learning Institute will carry out student birthday celebrations. The list of those who will have their birthdays next month will be announced at the end of the current month. If the student is willing to celebrate his/her birthday together with others, the administration team of Qijia Group will organize the event by inviting students, parents and teachers. Q-Learning Institute will be responsible for the birthday gift of the student. Otherwise, Q-Learning Institute will mail the birthday gift to the student’s home to celebrate his/her birthday;

C) Q-Learning Institute plans to recruit teachers of Olympic Math, Secondary School Math, Art, English writing, French, IELTS, etc. in August. Parents are welcomed to refer experienced teachers to participate in the recruiting competition. 5-9 parent representatives will vote and result will be announced on the spot.


7. School Year Holidays

A) Labour Day-SEP06, Holidays: AUG28-SEP10;

B) Thanks Giving-OCT11, Holidays: OCT09-OCT15;

C) Christmas and New Year, Holidays: DEC20-JAN02;

D) Lunar New Year, Holidays: JAN29-FEB04;

E) Family Day-FEB21, Holidays: FEB19-FEB25;

F) March Break, Holidays: MAR14-MAR20;

G) Easter-APR18, Holidays: APR15-APR21;

H) Victoria Day, Holidays: MAY21-MAY27.


8. Payment Method

    A) Pay cash at the office. If you pay cash for more than $500, in addition to the above-mentioned promotion and rewards, you will get an additional 1% cash back, which will be cashed out on the spot.

B) E_THANSFER. There is no additional rewards. ET email: [email protected] or [email protected].


9. Registration Hotline

Tel416-332-2088905-282-9889English);905-625-6078Qijia Group English

Email[email protected]

Websitewww.qlsy.ca ; www.qijiagroup.ca ; www.jiajiale.ca

Office HoursMon.to Fri.8:00am–6:30pm, Sat. 9:00–4:30pm





Q-Learning Institute

December 16, 2021

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