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What will students learn?

This course covers all the critical English skills; Reading and Writing, and Listening and Speaking. It will develop students’ knowledge and understanding of both English Language and Literature. Each class is customised to suit the students’ Grade and will follow the Ontario Course Curriculum.

Students will read and study classic literature and short stories. They will write creatively and critically. Active discussion with other students is also a key part of the course, as it exercises both their speaking and listening comprehension skills. Presentations will also be planned and delivered.

Students will be encouraged to learn though engaging activities and challenging material. People excel when they are interested in what they are doing, so this course’s material is designed to be rich and diverse. Over the weeks and months of the course, students will build on what they have learned, both reinforcing and developing their critical English skills.

Every student is unique and has strengths and areas for improvement. The class will be balanced to suit all of their needs, while they will also receive individual attention where they need it, whether it be writing, reading, speaking or listening.

Instructors for this course

Ms. Rosie: (OCT) Ontario Certified English Teacher; Public School Teacher.

Mr. Hull: (OCT) Ontario Certified English Teacher – K-12; Public School Teacher.

Ms. Mayer: (OCT) Ontario Certified English Teacher; Public School Teacher. 

Mr. John: (OCT) Ontario Certified English Teacher; 
Speak English, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese three languages

Mr. Alastair Expierenced English teacher in China; Expierenced ESL and IELTS teacher; HSK Chinese Language  Certification.

Ms. Dayam(OCT) Ontario Certified English, French, Science Teacher; Public School Teacher. 

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