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Free Demo Classes

Q-Learning Demo Classes Notice:

Dear parents,

We will launch a large number of free open classes in the near future. The Zoom ID and password information are as follows:

⚠️Zoom Meeting ID: 889 2847 5425

️ Password: 111111

Course information is as follows:

1. Saturday (28th) 10am-10:40am

 Mathematics course

For G9 – G10

Abhijeet graduated from Mathematic Major of University of Waterloo. He has worked as tutor and then taught mathematics for 6 years. he has rich experience in Ontario mathematics competitions, such as Euclid Contest of University of Waterloo.

2. Saturday (28th) 3:00 PM -3:40 PM

English Class

For G7 – the G8

Shawna has been teaching in Canada for more than 10 years and is also the curriculum leader of the school. She has rich teaching experience in China and South Korea, and is good at following up students’ learning progress.

3. Sunday (29th) 9:00am-9:40am

French class

For G7 – the G8

Ms. Sanaz holds a teaching certificate from Ontario and has been teaching French for about 10 years. She is good at making novel and easy to understand courseware with various materials and focuses on classroom interaction with students.

4. Sunday (29th) 11:00am-11:40am

French Open class

In view of the G5 – G6

Charlene has a master’s degree and two doctoral degrees in French from Peking University and one of the four major universities in France. She has more than ten years of study and teaching experience in France and Canada. She has rich experience in reading, literature appreciation, grammar, writing and various Kinds of French proficiency tests.

⚠️ Please note:

• Parents and students are strongly advised to attend and listen to all the lessons together to determine which teacher is best for you.

• The school will hold open classes of all subjects regularly. The Zoom Id/Password will remain unchanged. Welcome to pay attention and listen.

• Parents who are willing to participate in the audition, please contact customer service to confirm, so that we can make reasonable arrangements to ensure the quality of the class.

• Surprise discount if you sign up on the day of the open course. Those who have contacted the school in July and are willing to sign up can still enjoy the early bird price in July. Please consult the customer service number for details.


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