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Course-Digital Arts



Digital Arts is a type of art using computer or tablet drawing paperless art works. It mainly using Adobe Illustrator Drawing Vector graphics (unlimited resize), Adobe Photoshop paint watercolour or oil painting effect paintings, , Autodesk Maya or 3Ds Max drawing and rendering 3D graphics.

The course will learn these software listed above in different sections. Every sections will repeat some part of software functions. The purpose of this course are NOT only to learn software, but also learn how to make different type of art works. From basic graphics to advanced drawing of people or landscapes, our instructor will give the suitable guide for different level students. And the most important objective is to guide students have creative ideas to design.

For students:

  • 10 years above and interested in drawings, have basic skills of using computers or tablets.
  • Who wants to apply art and design major in university, college or high school.


Ms. SwanAdvanced Graphic Designer Certificate, Multimedia Developer, Multimedia Lecturer, Animator.

Sample Class Works

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