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This is not your normal Robotics Class, this is a class about hands on physics and the knowledge that is required to build Robots. This class is designed to engage children’s minds using the physical construction medium K’nex to teach children the fundamentals of physics with their bare hands. In this class your child will learn the basic principles of physics and construction. There are 2 major streams

Beginners – Ages 7-10.
Students will be presented with the basic physical requirements of the task at hand. They will be asked to describe or draw what they wish to make. Once they have cemented a basic design they will be presented with the building medium and left to their own devices to build and experiment at their own pace. Stupid will learn basic and advanced geometry, simple motion, the basics of mechanical advantage and energy storage.

Advanced – Ages 10+
On first glance the advanced students will be conducting similar work to the younger students. But where the younger students are only expected to learn the principles the advanced students will be challenged. They will be presented the history of the topic, the physics and the math on the board. The underlying question of “Why” will be presented time and time again. With re-enforcement back to what is done in the real world.


Mr. HinoIndustrial Designer and Project Implementer; Six Sigma Certification – Champion and Black Belt

​Mr. RagiMechanical Engineer; Designed Robot Car, Inverted Pendulum, Magnesum Engine, etc.

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