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Chinese Teacher - Ms. Song

  • She has nine years of middle school Chinese teaching experience and more than ten years of high school Chinese teaching experience.
  • She is good at the logic and level of teaching content, step by step, making it easier for students to understand and accept.

Professional Qualification:

Middle school senior teacher
Certificate of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (issued by Hanban)
Chinese Language Proficiency Test Certificate (1st Rank/B)
IELTS score of 6

Education Background:

2001-2004 Shandong Normal University Chinese Course and Teaching Master’s Degree
1994-1997 Shandong University Chinese Language and Literature Bachelor degree
1990-1992 Tai’an Teachers College Chinese Language and Literature

Working Experience:

2019-present, Q-Learning Chinese teacher
1992-2001 Sixth Middle School, Tai’an City, Shandong Province
2004-2016 Secondary School affiliated to Shandong University

Job Performance and Awards:

Published many Chinese language books.

Edited Chinese High School Chinese Language text books.

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