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Mathematics - Mr. Han

  • Love education and rich experience in high school mathematics teaching
  • The scope, difficulty, problem type, and knowledge points of the middle school students’ Olympics competition were systematically studied. Engaged in the teaching and training of Olympic numbers for many years. In Canada, he is mainly engaged in the training of the Waterloo Senior Mathematical Competition and the American Mathematical Competition (AMC)
  • In 2012 and 2014, he hosted the first and second math competitions of Q-Learning, which was well received by students and parents
  • Solid teaching skills, the lectures are focused and concise; systematic and logical
  • Years of experience of guiding mathematics competitions, the students who have been coached have scored full marks in the Waterloo Mathematical Competition, and almost all of them entered the Top 25

Professional Qualifications:

Teacher Certification of the People’s Republic of China (Senior High School)
People’s Republic of China Professional English Level 6
IELTS Score 7
Middle school senior teacher title (professor)

Education Background:

1978-1982 Tianjin University Bachelor of Applied Science and Applied Mathematics

Working Experience:

2010-present Q-Learning Olympus Teacher
2000-2010 International School Distance Education Mathematics Teacher
1998-2000 Tianjin Baode College Higher Mathematics and Advanced Algebra Teachers
1982-1997 Tianjin Experimental Middle School High School Mathematics Teacher

Job Performance and Awards:

In 1995, he was awarded the title of Senior Teacher of the People’s Republic

In 1978, he won the first place in the mathematics competition of Tianjin University.

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